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Summary of EDO Qld’s current cases

20 May 2015

For over twenty years, EDO Qld has played a crucial role in helping communities understand and engage with our legal system. As a not-for-profit community legal centre, we support those looking to use the law to protect community health, preserve nature and combat climate change.

We give expert advice to rural and urban communities looking to protect the environment in the public interest via our free legal advice line. We also work hard to educate communities about their rights to access information, challenge risky developments and stand up for our environment.

We write factsheetshandbooks and arrange community events to help people understand and use the law to protect what they’re most passionate about.

We use our experience and expertise to assist government in the creation of fairer laws to protect and conserve our environment. We have appeared at committee hearings, drafted dozens of submissions and continue to meet with ministers and department staff to ensure that the environment gets a fair go. We also provide legal comment to journalists and we are active on social media.

We represent individuals and groups in important public interest cases. Over the years, we’ve helped farmers, conservationists and community groups to stop the culling of endangered flying foxes, challenge mega dams and mining activities, and helped protect the Great Barrier Reef.


Summary of EDO Qld’s current cases:


Case   Client   Key Dates
Adani Carmichael Coal Mine objection,
Qld Land Court
Land Services of Coast and Country Inc Hearing from 31 March to 8 May, closing submissions 14 May, decision reserved* 

Alpha Coal Judicial Review of Land Court decision
Alpha Coal Judicial Review of Minister’s Approval,
Qld Supreme Court



Coast and Country Association of Qld Inc


Decision reserved*

GVK Hancock Kevin’s Corner objection,
Qld Land Court


Coast and Country Association of Qld Inc Hearing expected mid-2015, no date set*
Abbot Point Dumping,
Administrative Appeals Tribunal


North Qld Conservation Council Directions hearing 26 June
Abbot Point Dredging Judicial Review,
Federal Court


Mackay Conservation Group Directions hearing 25 June
Abbot Point Caley Valley Wetland Dumping Judicial Review,
Federal Court


Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook Settled 16 March
Adani Carmichael Judicial Review,
EDO NSW Solicitors,
Federal Court, Sydney


Mackay Conservation Group Hearing 10-11 August
Hay Point Maintenance Dredge Spoil Dumping,
Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Australian Marine Conservation Society Decisions remitted to the GBRMPA on 10 April, for reconsideration due 9 July


* The assessment processes for the Alpha, Kevin’s Corner and Carmichael mines under State and Commonwealth law is shown here.