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.EDO Qld sets the record straight in Townsville Bulletin with letter to the Editor.

18 April 2017

Letter to the Editor, Townsville Bulletin

Clear air on EDO Qld’s worthy environmental work

I WANT to draw readers’ attention to inaccuracies and omissions in the article “Green group responsible for Adani legal challenges granted $600,000 by State Government” (April 8).

The information provided in the interview with your newspaper did not reflect the facts as they were clearly provided and outlined.

Firstly, EDO Qld is not an activist group but a respected long standing non-profit community legal centre providing professional legal advice on environmental matters to farmers, conservationists and community members. This allows those clients to access the courts and to access justice that may otherwise be denied them.

Secondly, no group gets $600,000 as the headline claimed. There are two separate community legal centre EDOs. EDO of Northern Queensland is an entirely separate organisation based in Cairns that receives $300,000 of that amount spread over three years.

Thirdly, EDO Qld is strictly nonparty political, and has policies on our website that make that plain. Why didn’t the author do that basic research and refer to those policies or even seek comment when speaking with us?

Finally, there was no mention of the current work EDO Qld lawyers are doing to represent the Toowoomba community in the New Acland Stage 3 case.

This is work which will allow more than 60 landholders, farmers and locals to contest the allocation, use and impacts on groundwater by the proposed New Acland Coal Mine in the court.

VIKKI McLEOD, Secretary, Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc.