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Help EDO Qld fight climate change in court – right now!

28 April 2016

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Yesterday we announced that we’ll be representing our community group client in the Supreme Court, challenging the environmental authority of the massive Adani Carmichael Coal Mine. 

We’re not afraid to stand up to the likes of big business – like Adani and Hancock Coal – to ensure that you get the chance to exercise your right to protect the environment and fight climate change in court. And we’re proud to represent you!

We use the legal system as a sharp tool to hold government and industry to account with legitimate, considered climate change cases. We use the law to cut through the spin, expose the truth, and initiate change. But we can’t do it without your financial support.

Every one of our courtroom victories moves us all one step closer to preventing disastrous climate change!

Please, will you make a tax-deductible donation to EDO Qld as soon as possible to help us reach our minimum target of $100,000, and please share this email?

The courts should not be the exclusive domain of commercial interests and government. 

If we can’t raise the money, there is nowhere else that can supply the skills and legal expertise needed by the community to fight climate change.

Yours sincerely,
Jo-Anne Bragg
Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc

PS. Like you, we were devastated when we saw the recent photographs of the bleaching of our much loved Great Barrier Reef. We were heartbroken to hear that 93% of the Reef has already been affected. Now, more than ever, we need legal action to help our community address climate change. TO MAKE YOUR DONATION NOW CLICK HERE! 


(Bleached Acropora plate coral, next to unbleached Montipora coral. Picture taken at Cleveland Bay, attribution: Andrew Baird)