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.Planning reform: seminars in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

5 January 2016

Did you have your say on the Planning Bills in 2015? About community rights and protection of nature?

You did? Good! But please keep reading.

The planning reforms propose to pull crucial provisions for community rights out of the Bills and into the so-called “supporting instruments”.

So in 2016, it’s imperative you make your position known on what goes into those so-called “supporting instruments,” before 5 February.

Find out what you need to know about the instruments at one of our free seminars:

Brisbane, Monday 18 January.

EDO Qld presentation

Department of Planning presentation 

Gold Coast, Tuesday 19 January.

EDO Qld presentation 

Sunshine Coast, Wednesday 20 January.

EDO Qld presentation

Toowoomba, Thursday 28 January.

EDO Qld presentation

At each seminar, EDO Qld’s Law Reform Solicitor Revel Pointon and a representative from the Department will take turns explaining what they see as the key aspects of the instruments.

Then, it’s over to you: the second part of each evening will be a completely dedicated audience question-and-answer session.

Come along, quizz the experts, and let us hear your concerns and experiences. Find out how the instruments will affect your local community, in order to make your submission as informed as possible. Knowledge is power!

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