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.Planning reforms update. Important new instruments opening for comment

25 October 2016

As we foreshadowed in August, the time has come for the suite of planning supporting instruments to start opening for comment.

These instruments are essential for the operation of the new planning framework under the new Planning Act 2016, which is set to come into effect in mid-2017.

The following supporting instruments are set to open for public comment shortly, being the:

  • State Planning Policy;
  • State Development Assessment Provisions; and
  • Planning Regulation.

We have been informed these will be coming out for comment in the next week. Stay tuned on this page for further updates on this material as it becomes available for review.

Care about community participation in planning? Comment on the Development Assessment Rules!

As of this week the Development Assessment Rules are now open for comment until 19 December. These Rules, available here,  provide for key provisions around how the community is informed of development applications, and the process for how development applications are assessed, including when a development application can be amended and the ramifications of this for community input. So if you care about community participation – these Rules are essential for your consideration.

EDO Qld will be providing our analysis of the Development Assessment Rules in the coming weeks – stay tuned.

At a time we’re seeing major damage caused by the loss of habitats for koalas and other native flora and fauna, it is vital that we all stay engaged through the upcoming consultation periods and put in meaningful submissions to improve these important instruments.

EDO Qld will be providing further analysis of the full suite of planning instruments, which you can use to inform your submissions. Stay tuned to our email bulletins, website and social media!

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