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5 ways our supporters have helped make a difference so far this year!

01 September, 2015

Thanks to supporters like you, your EDO Qld lawyers have achieved great things! 

This year continues to be a challenging but exciting time to stand up for the environment in Australia.

Thanks to supporters like you, your EDO Qld lawyers have achieved great things using the law to protect the environment in the public’s interest.

We rely heavily on your donations to exist and need your ongoing support to keep achieving for community rights, the Reef, our precious wildlife, and our climate.

To celebrate your support, and in preparation for new beginnings offered by spring, let’s reflect on 5 ways you have helped make a difference so far this year!


1.      Stood up for the rights of hardworking Australians

You helped pressure the State Government to restore community objection rights for major mining projects. And they did. Now, with our legal help, hardworking farmers like Frank and Lynn Ashman of the Oakey Coal Action Alliance can exercise their legal right to protect their livelihood from risky projects, like the Acland Stage 3 Project. At a federal level, you said no to the government’s proposed removal of your community standing rights under the EPBC Act. Almost 4,000 of you have signed our petition opposing these changes to date.

You also supported cases, like the Adani Land Court objection, that have been instrumental in exposing the unsatisfactory nature of project assessments. The Supreme Court recently confirmed the recommendation of the Land Court in the Alpha case, which highlighted the need to take a precautionary approach to groundwater protection.


2.      Protected the magnificent Great Barrier Reef

You empowered EDO Qld to legally represent three conservation groups in separate court cases directly relating to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. As a result, we placed pressure on government to stop dangerous plans to dump dredge spoil from the Abbot Point port expansion in Reef waters as well as on the internationally significant Caley Valley Wetlands. These cases contributed to the historic new ban on dumping dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

EDO Qld also voiced your concerns to government and provided valuable legal input to documents including the Reef 2050 Plan and the WWF annual report to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.


3.      Spoke up for those who can’t

You stood up and spoke for wildlife, including koalas and flying-foxes, by attending our monthly information forums and sharing our easy-to-use draft submissions on planning laws.

You’ve also put the spotlight on the plight of endangered species like the Black-throated Finch in the Galilee Basin as well as saved a significant migratory shorebird habitat in the Caley Valley Wetlands.


4.      Empowered others to get involved

You joined thousands of Australians at our community information events where you listened to and debated with prominent legal experts, government officials, grassroots campaigners and even a Dutch climate litigation superstar. You also provided hundreds of Australians with template submissions so that they could help shape state and federal laws. You helped hundreds of everyday Australians access free legal advice on planning and development processes, vegetation clearing, pollution incidents and wildlife protection via our legal advice line.


5.      Exposed truths and demanded accountability

You helped run the largest community-led environmental case in Australia’s history against the Adani Carmichael mine. This involved a five-week hearing and over 60,000 pages of filed documents. We are eagerly awaiting a decision on the evidence, which included Adani’s own expert stating the project would create 1,464 net jobs each year rather than the 10,000 earlier claimed by the company (and repeated by then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott!). Without your support for this case, Adani’s claims would have gone publicly unchallenged and the company – and subsequently other high-profile supporters of the project – would not have been held to account.

You are amazing, thank you for making a difference!

While spring is the perfect time to celebrate the difference you have made, it’s also a time for growth and new beginnings. We need your help to continue the important work ahead of us and be there when you need us.

Please show your continued support by making a donation to EDO Qld’s spring appeal.

It’s an exciting time at EDO Qld. Our action plan is ambitious but if you help, achievable.

We need your continued support this spring to enable:

  • Two key upcoming cases, the Kevin’s Corner coal mine objection in October and the launch of the Acland coal mine objection later this year, on behalf of farmers, individuals and community groups;
  • Three law reform projects, pushing for laws to control land clearing to better protect our reef and wildlife, and to democratise mining processes; and
  • Four educational events, including a major forum on public interest litigation for lawyers and the community in October responding to the Australian Government’s outrageous claims of environmental “lawfare”.

Contact us for more information on upcoming events and cases as well as other ways you can show your support. We’d love to hear from you!

As lawyers, we are proud to stand up for the environment and for the community, but we need your help. Please continue to make a difference by donating to EDO Qld’s spring appeal and together we can continue to use the law to protect the environment.

Please continue to make a difference by donating to EDO Qld’s spring appeal today.

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