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Driven by justice for people, and passion for nature

We protect nature

Our goals are to protect clean air, soil and water for safe and healthy communities; to restore and preserve nature, the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife; and to advance clean energy and keep our climate safe.

We help everyday Australians stand up for the environment

EDO Qld gives a legal voice to those who stand up for a positive future in energy and climate, nature and the reef and healthy communities.

We run landmark challenges for groups doing good

Our legal victories pave the way for a clean energy future. We help run powerful legal cases that hold industry and government to account.

We advocate for stronger laws to protect and conserve

EDO Qld’s law reform activities help improve legislation to better protect the environment and advance sustainable development and planning.

"In the sometimes seemingly isolated struggle to protect our natural landscapes, it is indeed very heartening to see such a committed professional team fighting on our behalf and on behalf of the planet."

Peter Burke, conservation land owner, Sunshine Coast

Anna Simpson, former EDO Qld volunteer

Anna Simpson is a former volunteer with EDO Qld, who did great work in her time with us while she was still a law student. “Raising awareness about environmental issues, helping Queenslanders with public interest environmental law issues and starting big cases… I volunteered because I hope that my work will have a positive effect on the community.”

Paola Cassoni, Bimblebox Nature Reserve, Galilee Basin

“First I didn’t know what to do and then we were told about the EDO. They guided us through the legal process and helped us to understand and respond to environmental impact statements and issues like coal mining and groundwater, what’s lawful and what’s not. For me it’s been tough, a big fight, but so far we’ve managed to keep going. The EDO - I don’t know what we’d have done without their support.”

* EDO Qld promotes changes to law and policy which protect the environment and advance sustainable development. EDO Qld does not support, promote or oppose any particular political party or candidate. EDO Qld respects the democratic right of all citizens to run for elected office in their own time.