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Access to Information and Fair Process

17 June, 2011

The Queensland EDOs have written to the Premier, Anna Bligh, regarding access to information and fair process in regard to coal mining and coal seam gas projects.

Many landholders miss out on the chance to make submissions on major coal seam gas projects AND on proposed mining leases, as the submission period is poorly publicised.

If you go to “opportunities for comment” on the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DERM) website, the submission periods are never mentioned. This is despite EDO writing and making that suggestion to DERM several times.

If you don’t make a submission then you cannot appeal to the Land Court.

EDO staff have had to telephone DERM and the Mining Registrars to find out basic information that ought to be well publicised and online at DERM.

EDO will publish the information on this page, and via our emailed Alerts and Bulletins.

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