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Adani’s over-inflated job figures exposed

15 December, 2015

Adani’s own economic witnesses conceded the controversial Carmichael mine and rail project would create just 1,464 net jobs and not the 10,000 claimed by the company during a Land Court case brought forward by EDO Qld client Coast and Country.

The five-week objection to Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine by EDO Qld client Coast and Country exposed a lot about the proposed world’s largest coal project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin project in 2015.

Despite a ruling the project should ultimately still go ahead on 15 December 2015, subject to extra conditions including the protection of the endangered Black-throated Finch, one of the biggest revelations to come out of the case in 2015 was Adani’s hugely over-inflated job figures for the project.

In fact, Adani’s own economic witness Jerome Fahrer conceded the project would create 1,464 net jobs each year rather than the 10,000 earlier claimed by the company (repeated by then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Adani until this day).

Dr Fahrer also agreed that, relative to total employment in Queensland, the increase in jobs from the project is “very small”, emphatically repeating that “[i]t’s not many jobs. We can agree on that… Not many jobs… No argument. Not many jobs”, and going so far as to say “Again, the benefits of this project are not about jobs; they’re about incomes.”

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EDO Qld CEO Jo Bragg said: “Through expert witnesses and evidence, impacts of the mine on the region’s water systems, on endangered ecosystems and species including the Black-throated Finch, and on climate and the Great Barrier Reef through the burning of huge quantities of coal, were exposed.

“This case has shown the importance of an independent Land Court public objection process to scrutinise major mines, and that the state’s environmental impact assessment process alone does not necessarily expose all the facts and issues.

“Without this case, Adani’s claims would have gone publicly unchallenged and the company – and subsequently other high-profile supporters of the project – would not have been held to account.”

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