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ADR panel created by Land Court

28 May, 2018

Not all disputes need be heard in a court. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is often a more cost effective and timely resolution to simple disputes.

To assist parties reach agreement without the need for hearing, the Court has established the ADR panel to help parties find a suitably qualified convenor.

The Land Court has jurisdiction to hear land disputes. Specifically the Land Court hears appeals against land valuation, compensation for land resumptions, objections to mining projects, landowner compensation for mining activities, and protection for cultural heritage.

Coupled with the ADR Panel, legislation was passed in September 2017 creating the Land Access Ombudsman – a low cost, independent and impartial body to help landholders and resource companies resolve alleged breaches of conduct and compensation agreements and make good agreements.

The Land Access Ombudsman will commence in 2018.

While there will be no obligation on parties to settle their matters, the Court strongly encourages parties to attempt ADR as it generally assist parties identify the relevant issues and explore options to settle the dispute.

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