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OCAA calls on Government to reject Acland expansion

16 June, 2017

OCAA President Paul King says the community group has not been served with an application for judicial review by New Hope in relation to the controversial expansion.

Update: On the 15 June 2017, New Hope filed for judicial review of the Land Court's recommendation to outright reject the New Acland Stage 3 mine expansion.

Statement to media from OCAA President Paul King, 1:30pm, Friday 16 June 2017

"At this time, OCAA or our legal team at EDO Qld have not been served with the application for judicial review by New Hope regarding the expansion of its controversial Stage 3 New Acland expansion.

"By not doing so, this appears to be a continuation of the Land Court finding that: “NAC has a tendency to treat anyone who disagrees with it in a dismissive and disrespectful manner”.

"While it is within the mining company’s legal right to apply for judicial review; it would be another disappointing delay in our community’s David-and-Goliath battle to protect our land, homes and businesses from this risky expansion.

"The Land Court recommendation on 31 May 2017 was absolute in rejecting this risky expansion and acknowledging the impacts to our water supplies, our farm businesses and the health of our families were too severe.

"The law has spoken and said that Stage 3 should be rejected recognising major shortcomings with groundwater impact predictions, over inflated job figures, significant loss of royalties and the need for much better noise limits and dust monitoring than what is currently in place.

"It also acknowledged the agricultural land surrounding Acland was among the best 1.5 per cent in the state and the short-term gains of a ten year project do not outweigh sustainable farming generations that will lead us into the next century.

"The current Queensland government must honor its commitment and the Court’s recommendation by outright rejecting Stage 3. It would be a disappointing day if this decision, and our community’s continued uncertainty for our future, were to be delayed."

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