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Dodgy Process for Big Projects

02 October, 2014

Environmental assessment for some of the largest projects in Queensland, known as 'Coordinated Projects', has been weakened. 

Amendments which came into force 1 October allow proponents to assess their projects using an Impact Assessment Report (IAR). IARs are weaker, less rigorous, and less accountable than the current EIS process. EDO Qld is concerned that there will be an increased reliance on the weaker IAR process.

EDO Qld fought hard for changes to the amendments - making a submission and presentation to the State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee. This resulted in public notification being required for IARs.

The introduction of a 'Staged EIS' process, whereby projects would be assessed in a piecemeal fashion, was also prevented.

However, the public notification and submission rights on additional requests of information were removed have been made discretionary.

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