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Don’t give up on our Great Barrier Reef

01 April, 2016

We know the Reef is in danger. We know the threats. But at EDO Qld, we refuse to despair when there are still  things to be done to protect the Reef.

Dear friends,

Like you we love the Great Barrier Reef. And, like you, we were horrified to see the latest pictures of the widespread coral bleaching. It fills us with dread for the tens of thousands of marine species that call this complex ecosystem home. It fills us with empathy for marine scientists like Terry Hughes, who have been sounding the alarm bells for decades, and worry for the 60,000-plus people who are employed by the Reef in our state’s tourism industry.

We know the Reef is in danger. We know the threats. But at EDO Qld, we refuse to despair when there are still  things to be done to protect the Reef. We can and must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stop the hurting and death of coral. We can and must reduce pressure on the Reef by improving water quality and stopping bad coastal developments. This involves enforcing the State and Commonwealth laws that we have now- and striving for improved laws.


What we can do

We can’t rest on our laurels. As  your environmental lawyers, we are doing all we can to help protect the Reef.

With your help we are:

  • Running internationally important cases on climate change, in Court this May and June, like the Alpha Coal climate law challengeand the Adani Carmichael Federal Court challenge;
  • Analysing, proposing and supporting strong, effective environmental laws that better protect the Reef, like  restrictions on sea-dumping,better protection of vegetation in Reef catchments and planning laws that recognise and protect the Reef;
  • Providing legal advice to passionate community groups, trying to protect the ecology of key coastal areas, like Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook,  North Queensland Conservation Council and Mackay Conservation Group; and
  • Holding public forums to vigorously debate the laws we need, like the vegetation forums in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast coming up in April.

What’s next

Please, accept our appreciation for your wonderful contributions to date and keep optimistic! Please, raise awareness of the urgency of Reef protection issues with your community and politicians. Keep signing petitions and attending forums and speaking out. Please, follow our lead and put in submissions on key State laws like planning, vegetation, and environmental protection.

EDO Qld staff will continue to work hard, alongside our friends, everywhere. We are all part of a  great ground swell of energy, talent and good will. Intent on protecting the priceless Great Barrier Reef.

Warm regards,

Jo Bragg
CEO, Solicitor

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