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EDO looks back on its volunteers

28 May, 2018

As part of the lead up to our 30th anniversary, EDO Qld will be looking to profile previous volunteers.

Nick Lichti, Senior Associate at MinterEllison Gold Coast, volunteered with EDO Qld off and on from 2008-2015 to gain legal experience. He shares with us some of his memories:

Favourite memory?

My favourite memory of volunteering with the EDO is getting the opportunity to help out the EDO during the Paradise Dam ‘Lungfish case’. It was a major public interest test case and although it was ultimately unsuccessful I took great satisfaction in playing a very small part in this very big case.

Benefits of volunteering?

The benefits of volunteering with the EDO include the opportunity to work with and learn from people who are genuinely interested in what they do and who will teach you to persevere and think in novel ways until you succeed. The pitfall of volunteering with the EDO is having to accept that every case is hard fought but you may not always win.

His tip for young lawyers?

In whatever you do, always try to get involved in or experience all sides of the debate. A great lawyer has the ability to see and understand the argument from different perspectives and you can’t do that by only ever experiencing one side of the conversation.   

Things that surprised you about EDO?

The amount of non-legal work that goes in to running a successful community legal centre.