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Politicians: Back our 7 key reforms to Qld environmental laws

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2,000 needed

Queensland's pending state election is an opportunity for us all to speak out in support of our state's environmental laws. If you care about healthy communities, the protection of nature, clean energy and a healthy climate, sign our petition now!

Queensland, it’s time for better environmental laws.

We call on ALL political parties to back 7 key reforms

  1. Citizen Rights - Strengthen community rights to information, objection, appeal and enforcement, especially for coal seam gas, mining and planning. Preserve “own costs” rules in the Planning and Environment Court.
  2. Fair Democratic Processes - Ban developer and corporate political donations. Strengthen and restore powers to the State Environment Department.
  3. Great Barrier Reef and Nature - Strengthen laws against unsustainable development, water pollution and carbon pollution. Protect pristine rivers, national parks, and wildlife. Expand “no go” areas for mining and gas.
  4. Safe Climate and Clean Energy - Transition Qld's economy away from fossil fuel extraction or burning, towards renewable energy and sustainable jobs.
  5. Excessive Tree Clearing - Protect our trees, wildlife and Reef by introducing strong legal protections against excessive tree clearing. Reform ineffective “offset” laws.
  6. Clean Up Queensland - Audit legal compliance of coal and gas projects. Protect groundwater and clean air. Introduce waste disposal levy. Ban environmental offenders from holding environmental licences. 
  7. Access to Justice - Ensure EDO Qld can continue to provide communities with the legal assistance they need to protect their environment by increased government funding to EDO Qld.

Authorised by Jo Bragg, CEO of Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, 8/205 Montague Rd, West End, QLD 4101

See the full document sent to all political parties



stephen 2017-10-13 09:13:16 +1000

“Kim Lucas”

Kim 2017-10-13 09:03:51 +1000

“Please may we have much stronger environmental protections in the amazing state of Queensland. I agree with all the reforms mentioned in the document and hope that government can do they right thing by the environment and the people of queensland and Australia. Just because certain individuals earn more than others through
the exploitation of the resources of this country doesn’t mean those needs are more important than those of its citizens who demand protection for the environment and wildlife.”

sandra 2017-10-13 08:51:01 +1000

“In southern Australia we are trying to re-establish native habitat but its vastly inferior to intact original areas. Don’t make the mistake we made. Please strengthen tree clearing laws, as has been done in Victoria, and regain some control over the excessive clearing that is occuring”

Peter 2017-10-13 08:43:22 +1000

“rosie smith”

rosie 2017-10-13 08:36:52 +1000


Alison 2017-10-13 08:01:30 +1000


Sue 2017-10-13 07:55:41 +1000


Winnifred 2017-10-13 07:51:40 +1000

“From Local councils to State Government and Federal Government our politicians are losing the plot. We the people demand more community consultation we want our rights upheld. We demand more transparency and inclusion. We want a safe clean environment. We want those in power that abuse their positions morally, ethically and or legally to feel the full force of the law for doing the wrong thing. It’s simple.”

Jac 2017-10-13 07:23:59 +1000


Kellie 2017-10-13 07:16:16 +1000

“A big opportunity at this State Election to put Queensland on a fair, sustainable and democratic path. Voters in Brisbane, South Brisbane and Maiwar can step up to the mark!”

Mark 2017-10-13 07:06:15 +1000

“Queensland has been getting away with violating environmental law with impunity and aggressively opposing citizens concerns. So glad you are standing up against them.”

Sybil 2017-10-13 06:57:45 +1000

“Time to put the environment before profit.”

Shannon 2017-10-13 06:57:03 +1000


Faye 2017-10-13 06:49:45 +1000


Pauline 2017-10-13 06:23:32 +1000

“Fantastic initiative to reduce influence of commercial special interest.”

Laura 2017-10-13 06:05:31 +1000


Matthew 2017-10-13 06:05:25 +1000

“Deborah Cleaver”

Deborah 2017-10-13 05:50:52 +1000


Rachael 2017-10-13 05:47:48 +1000


Peter 2017-10-13 05:42:22 +1000

“Mick Abberley: The environmental destruction which is currently occurring in Queensland is absolutely outrageous and beyond all shame and those responsible should and must be held accountable!”

Mick 2017-10-13 04:28:08 +1000


Angela 2017-10-13 03:30:56 +1000

“Thanks, Qld needs the EDO!”

Gillian 2017-10-13 02:25:46 +1000

“I am aghast at the devastation that has been allowed to continue at such astounding rates! So much for either of the big parties giving a damn about valuing and protecting our Queensland environment!!”

Lorraine 2017-10-12 22:55:02 +1000

“No wonder there is so much mental illness and suicide in rural areas they are allowing death and destruction of all that is beautiful. It is sheer lunacy and vandalism. How dare the government of Australia allow this to continue.”

Victoria 2017-10-12 22:31:00 +1000

“The present legislation has many loopholes which allow various companies to abuse our environment and avoid being held to account. The intent of every environmental law must be clearly defined and the legislation must be enforceable without political interference.”

John 2017-10-12 22:09:51 +1000

“I don’t live in Qld but I distinctly remember Labor promising they would not approve Adani and guess what they did – voting for major parties is a joke as well as Independents that support them we want politicians who work for us not big companies and developers people need to have a right in their own country to stand up to those who attack their future and the environment.”

Nicole 2017-10-12 22:07:02 +1000

“I just can’t believe this is going on. It horrifies me.”

Linda 2017-10-12 21:50:52 +1000

“This is our only environment! Our only planet. We cannot allow this to continue if our kids, and their kids are going to have a real chance in the world!”

Jeremy 2017-10-12 21:45:51 +1000


Norm 2017-10-12 21:38:57 +1000