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Politicians: Back our 7 key reforms to Qld environmental laws

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Queensland's pending state election is an opportunity for us all to speak out in support of our state's environmental laws. If you care about healthy communities, the protection of nature, clean energy and a healthy climate, sign our petition now!

Queensland, it’s time for better environmental laws.

We call on ALL political parties to back 7 key reforms

  1. Citizen Rights - Strengthen community rights to information, objection, appeal and enforcement, especially for coal seam gas, mining and planning. Preserve “own costs” rules in the Planning and Environment Court.
  2. Fair Democratic Processes - Ban developer and corporate political donations. Strengthen and restore powers to the State Environment Department.
  3. Great Barrier Reef and Nature - Strengthen laws against unsustainable development, water pollution and carbon pollution. Protect pristine rivers, national parks, and wildlife. Expand “no go” areas for mining and gas.
  4. Safe Climate and Clean Energy - Transition Qld's economy away from fossil fuel extraction or burning, towards renewable energy and sustainable jobs.
  5. Excessive Tree Clearing - Protect our trees, wildlife and Reef by introducing strong legal protections against excessive tree clearing. Reform ineffective “offset” laws.
  6. Clean Up Queensland - Audit legal compliance of coal and gas projects. Protect groundwater and clean air. Introduce waste disposal levy. Ban environmental offenders from holding environmental licences. 
  7. Access to Justice - Ensure EDO Qld can continue to provide communities with the legal assistance they need to protect their environment by increased government funding to EDO Qld.

Authorised by Jo Bragg, CEO of Environmental Defenders Office Queensland, 8/205 Montague Rd, West End, QLD 4101

See the full document sent to all political parties



Amity 2017-10-13 23:37:26 +1000


Mel 2017-10-13 20:50:07 +1000

“These Qld laws affect the whole of Australia.”

Christine 2017-10-13 20:22:09 +1000


Lily 2017-10-13 20:21:35 +1000


Sarah 2017-10-13 19:36:23 +1000

“Ian Gorrie I want to support these 7 reforms in the strongest possible way especially the Number 5 (Excessive Tree Clearing) which has directly involved me. The problems for me increased greatly from about 2001-2002 when the nearby farms switched from growing sugarcane to avocados. These two forms of agriculture are significantly different.

Since 1976 and especially since 1982 I have re-vegetated my 2.35 ha block near Childers. Historically, the Childers region was greatly over-cleared and this set a cultural norm for the district. Consequently, various people have told me that now in the Childers region my revegetated block is rather unique on privately owned land.

In 2012 I applied to the Queensland Government to have my block permanently conserved and this status was granted in 2013.

Some people involved with agriculture (and their supporters) then claimed that although my land was “conserved” it was not conserved against actions originating off-property but only againt my own actions. In other words, the “conserved” status stopped the owner (me) from doing actions like clearing, but did not stop anybody else from doing comparable actions.

The LNP organisation, the rural ALP organisation and agriculture lobbies such as the Isis Canegrowers organisation have generally strongly opposed how I have re-vegetated my block and approached government to conserve it.

Joanne of EDO would recall how some years ago I spent $14 000 on engineering and legal fees to protect my land legally against damage originating off-property from agricultural activities. I obtained some benefits.

Also, in recent years some political opponents turned loose on me Australia’s airport security apparatus. I have no doubt this was politically motivated. I was “selected at random” every time I flew and was searched for bomb-making materials. I was told I was in a “special security category”.

Finally they dropped this airport searching, but last time I flew (Aug 2017) they resumed it – perhaps some N and LNP politicians asked for added protection?

I have had flash flooding directed and re-directed on to my land from an avocado orchard. The northern boundary fence of my land was largely destroyed by a tractor or comparable equipment.

Now, with the Queensland election coming up and all political parties running hard to get political donations (including from big agriculture organisations) the future of my “conserved” land is once more “up for grabs”. There are persisting rumours that to take the heat off me I should “offer” my land to an orchard so it can be cleared to expand avocado production, and also so a dam can be built to irrigate the fruit trees.

On a recognised environmental site, any such outcome may also be a big PR achievement for the N part of the rural LNP!!

With the elections approaching, the campaign against my land is once more on in earnest – presumably to attract both agricultural votes and political donations. Recently personnel entered on my land without my knowledge or approval and did extensive clearing along two boundaries. This opened up the ecological edges, and the dumped trees and other wood did more damage to my revegatation.

If my memory is correct, one orchard person referred to this as clearing “uncontrolled regrowth” on my (revegetated and conserved) land.

An orchard organisation told me my revegetated block has created problems and I should meet these (orchard) costs.

Also, it was put to me that the trees I grew in revegetation have intercepted sunlight. This has reduced orchard crops over the years, and for this I am financially liable.

If you know ANYBODY interested in how obstacles arise in the path of a person doing long-term (41 years) revegetation on privately owned land in an agricultural region dominated by the N part of the LNP, my property is an excellent case study.

Some people living in a civilised society may not believe some of what has gone on.

More positively, I have a number of practical suggestions for government based on my 41 years experience with nature conservation on privately owned land.

If you know anybody in MEDIA interested in this subject, my property is an excellent case study. Please let them know. As I read through the EDO Number 5 (Excessive Tree Clearing) I connect with lots of it.

Finally, please don’t tar all agriculture people with the same brush. There are differences between these people, including some big differences. ”

Ian 2017-10-13 18:52:06 +1000


Alex 2017-10-13 18:36:54 +1000


Robyne 2017-10-13 18:09:58 +1000

“It’s time to rid Australian politicians of their socialistic overtones and return to a democracy involving politicians who listen to the voice of those citizens who built this great country and voted them into positions of power.”

Bonny 2017-10-13 16:47:34 +1000


Ken 2017-10-13 16:46:31 +1000

“We must protect our bushlands and forests to maintain the wonderful biodiversity and prevent the extinction of our flora and fauna. We do not want to live in a silent, brown and lifeless world.”

Clare 2017-10-13 16:42:05 +1000

“Perhaps ALL donations should be banned and instead replace with adverts, providing equal information outlining policies, funded by the treasury.”

Warwick 2017-10-13 16:31:02 +1000


Jonathan 2017-10-13 16:23:18 +1000

“Sonya Schmidtchen”

Sonya 2017-10-13 15:43:27 +1000


Denise 2017-10-13 15:01:45 +1000

“legal personality for the GBR is doable at state level as Parl has plenary env law power and it would be compatible with EPBC Act s 528 where ecosystems include ‘people’ so it could be a legal person and not property (the HCA has already said the Crown has no prorprietary interest in the territorial sea)”

George 2017-10-13 14:20:18 +1000

“If we want an environmental future for present and future generations protection of all the native flora and fauna is a prerequisite. If they cannot survive then neither can we.”

Wanda 2017-10-13 13:51:59 +1000

“Please stop detrying nature and biodiversity. Our world cannot continue to support us any more! STOP tree clearing, pesticides, over fishing, pollution.”

Madonna 2017-10-13 13:23:03 +1000


Alan 2017-10-13 13:19:34 +1000

“The Time for CHANGE is NOW ! Not just stopping ADANI but also Kur World !”

Cheryl 2017-10-13 11:48:04 +1000


Kate 2017-10-13 11:42:07 +1000

“Wilhelmina Newman”

Wilhelmina 2017-10-13 10:15:22 +1000

“the environment has to be our number one priority because without clean water, biodiversity, trees for oxygen and our natural wonders and assets, we are causing our own demise.”

Dianne 2017-10-13 10:13:14 +1000

Native animal habitat is at serious risk. Where will all the koalas go?”

Gail 2017-10-13 10:08:41 +1000


Brady 2017-10-13 09:59:28 +1000


Sean 2017-10-13 09:53:56 +1000


Frank 2017-10-13 09:51:01 +1000


Karen 2017-10-13 09:38:28 +1000

“Maureen Riggs

It is not just farmers who are clearing out trees it is QLD Road works forever widening the Bruce Highway and arterial roads to make way for the massive amounts of land cleared constantly for housing in the entire South East QLD coastal regions. So between the housing developers and road works they are the companies who we must blame for loss of forests and wild life habitats. In order to change that there must be implementation of immiediate and severe population caps.

As well the Government must stop Adani and all new coal mines and gas fields to preserve what water resources above ground and under ground remaining today.”

Maureen 2017-10-13 09:37:28 +1000


Lis 2017-10-13 09:18:28 +1000