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Stay up-to-date with EDO Qld's RSS feeds

19 October, 2018

Want to make sure you never miss an update, or the chance to have your say? Keep up-to-date with EDO Qld's RSS feeds.

Here at EDO Qld we are often asked for ways people can keep up-to-date with all our news, and especially the opportunities for the community to have a say on local projects, mines, or government policies.

One way to do this is via an RSS feed, which automatically updates you whenever a new post is made on our blog.

To use RSS feeds, you may need a special program like Feedly or Flipboard. A good start for a list of alternatives can be found here.

Alternatively, there are a few services that can use an RSS feed to email you whenever an update is made to a website. One such service is Blogtrottr, while you can also use an IFTTT applet like this one to accomplish the same thing.

EDO Qld has two RSS feeds:

All the latest EDO Qld news (including upcoming submission opportunities we feature): https://www.edoqld.org.au/news.rss

Just the upcoming submission opportunities we feature: http://www.edoqld.org.au/have_your_say.rss

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