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LawJams: Empowering thousands every year

30 November, 2014

EDO Qld bridges the divide of  imbalance between developers and citizens when it comes to accessing the law. We present workshops and talks to thousands of Queenslanders every year about how to influence and challenge environmentally damaging development decisions, empowering communities to use the law to have their voice heard.

Many Queenslanders lament the impacts of developments on their local environments but don’t know how to influence government decisions. Well-resourced developers tend to have considerably more influence over government decisions than citizens and community groups but the law provides opportunities to challenge poor decisions.

EDO Qld’s vision is to engender well-informed citizens and community groups that use their legal rights to object to inappropriate development, in court if necessary. Governments and developers subject to legal challenges from an informed citizenry are likely to become more respectful of environmental and community concerns.

In the past decade, EDO Qld has run hundreds of workshops in more than a dozen locations in southern, central and western Queensland, from Rockhampton to the Gold Coast to Emerald.

Some of our most successful LawJams include:


We have focused mainly on how to influence and challenge government decisions on development, but also on laws for vegetation, planning, water and nature conservation and processes such as freedom of information.

Many litigants, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, barristers and solicitors have generously contributed their time and expertise to present at these workshops.

Environmental Defenders Office Queensland (EDO Qld) gives a strong legal voice to the environment when needed most.

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