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Fraser Island dingo case

04 May, 2001

EDO Qld acted for conservationist Lyndon Schneiders to seek an injunction to prevent the Queensland Government from culling a substantial proportion of the dingo population on Fraser Island. The case was unsuccessful, but likely to have been instrumental in persuading the Queensland Government to cease the cull and carry out a review.

Schneiders v Queensland [2001] FCA 553

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The Queensland Government had ordered that 30 dingos be killed after a young boy was killed and another injured by dingos on Fraser Island in 2001.

Mr Schneiders, along with an Elder of the Dalungbara People, sought an interim injunction from the Federal Court under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) to stop the cull until a full hearing could be conducted.

It was argued that killing 30 dingos (of an estimated population of 100-200) was likely to have a significant impact on the world heritage values of Fraser Island.

Judge Dowsett agreed there was an arguable case, but considered that public safety issues prevailed, particularly because the government had given an assurance that the culling would stop the following day.

No costs were sought against our client.

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