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The Community Litigants Handbook - Fourth Edition

We are updating the Community Litigants Handbook to reflect recent changes to the law by the commencement of the Planning Act 2016 (Qld) in mid-2017. 

In the meantime, the 4th edition continues to provide practical guidance to proceedings in the Planning & Environment Court and should be read in conjunction with the interim summary

Since its original publication in 2006, the handbook has been recommended and used numerous times in Queensland’s Planning and Environment Court. However, laws change – and so does The Community Litigants Handbook. This Fourth Edition brings us up to date again with Queensland’s ever-changing statutory landscape including new court costs laws, relating to legal costs in the Planning and Environment Court, which commenced on 22 November 2012.


  • when and how to commence a court action
  • the costs and risks of litigation
  • how to prepare and file court documents
  • how to prepare your case and increase your chances of success
  • how to present evidence and appear in court

Packed with tips, easy to follow checklists and example court documents, you will find this guide an invaluable tool to running your own planning appeal.

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Checklist: Before you appeal >

Checklist: Litigation >

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Mining and Coal Seam Gas Law in Queensland: A Guide for the Community

A handbook that gives clear information on mining, coal seam gas and the law in Queensland.

Mining, coal seam gas and the law. What does it mean for you, your land and your community?

To help everyone understand the relevant laws, EDO Qld has published a handbook, Mining and Coal Seam Gas Law in Queensland. In plain English, with an easy-to-follow layout, the handbook offers clear information on mining and coal seam gas law in Queensland.

The handbook was prepared in response to demand for clear legal information about mining and coal seam gas and is an invaluable public resource, especially in communities where landholders and residents are affected by mining proposals and wish to understand more about their rights and options.

The handbook includes detailed information on:

  • Understanding the types of mining and gas permits and licences
  • How to write effective submissions on mining and gas projects
  • Understanding Environmental Impact Statements
  • How to run a basic objection hearing by yourself in the Land Court
  • When and how the Federal Government might be involved
  • Enforcing compliance with conditions of approval.

Geoff Penton, CEO, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, says in the handbook’s forward, “Many people cannot afford private legal advice. This guide fills a much needed gap by providing reliable legal material on Queensland mining projects and how they affect existing communities, industries and the natural environment.”


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N.B. This handbook is currently being updated to reflect the latest mining and coal seam gas laws. Please let us know if you would like to be on a waiting list for the next edition, by emailing