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HAVE YOUR SAY: On proposed EPBC Act changes

08 September, 2015

Changes to the EPBC Act stand to see you and your community excluded from accessing the courts

The changes proposed by Attorney-General George Brandis to put coal mining ahead of community and the environment by repealing section 487 of the EPBC Act would in effect exclude most community and landholder groups and individuals from accessing the Courts. Why should the Courts be the exclusive territory of corporations, commercial interests and government, particularly around matters of national environmental significance?

Have your say by using our easy template to lodge a quick submission:

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For more information on how to lodge your submission and committee rules, see How to make a submission to a Senate Committee Inquiry.

For further background, see our handy explainer on public standing,

What else can you do?

If you haven’t already, you can sign our petition to Attorney-General George Brandis.

If you’re in Brisbane Tuesday 6 October, come along to our public interest environmental litigation seminar.

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