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16 November, 2017

We urgently need your support to keep fighting for your future. Please make a tax-deductible donation to EDO Qld today.

Dear friends,

At EDO Qld we use the law as a powerful tool to protect the environment. For all.

Attacks on us and our clients by mining companies like Adani or New Acland don’t deter us but show us we’ve hit the spot in an otherwise unbalanced playing field.

Only with your dedicated support, have we had major wins for communities and the environment in 2017. Both in and out of the courts.

Together we’ve been there for communities like the farmers from Oakey Coal Action Alliance in their big win against coal; strengthened economic guidelines to stop industry job exaggerations across the State; and helped community groups stand-up to the Adani Carmichael mine since day-one.

Let’s not forget, we have also fought side-by-side with you for strengthened laws to: reduce excessive land clearing and protect the Great Barrier Reef; increase transparency and accountability from government and industry; as well as empower thousands of Australians through education of legal rights on environmental matters that affect them.

This was all done with dedicated hard work and the power of the law. And, of course, a little (a lot of) help from our friends - our valued supporters. This tells us now more than ever, EDO Qld is needed in the fight for a fair future for all.

In the words of respected retired Supreme Court Judge Alan Wilson, new EDO Qld patron“Increasing interest in and activity around the preservation and protection of our environment often ends up in litigation, and citizens and groups swept up in that litigation will need professional legal help. That is the very assistance the EDO uniquely and, to my perception, effectively provides."

Fight for a fairer, cleaner future - make a tax-deductible donation to EDO Qld today.

Like always, EDO Qld is ready to take the legal fight to protect our environment and communities down to the wire. We’re going to do what’s needed for the future of Queensland using the law, in the courts and together with key groups and policymakers.

Together we can fight for stronger environmental laws for healthy communities, sustainable futures and a brighter tomorrow for our children. Remember, these changes are not just for the benefit of Queensland, but for Australia – and the planet.

Already, our expert environmental lawyers are meeting with hundreds of people across the state who want to see better planning in their local areas. For example, putting an end to one of the highest tree clearing rates in the world.

“EDO provides a unique and entirely necessary contribution to environmental justice. For the importance of an independent ‘voice’ in environmental cases, and the issues around them; and the limited resources the EDO has to do this vital work - I warmly encourage you to support the Office,” retired judge Alan Wilson.

We need your support today to:

  • Stop excessive tree clearing in Qld (395,000 hectares in one year is horrendous. It’s time to protect our native trees and wildlife)
  • Clean-up Queensland (Why aren’t mining companies held responsible for their mess? And interstate companies don’t pay a waste disposal levy?)
  • Protect the Great Barrier Reef (unsustainable development and pollution must end)
  • Fight back against New Acland Coal (despite continued massive advertising by New Acland Coal in favour of the proposal, the Land Court recommendation against this mine achieved after 99 days in Court must be followed)
  • Create fairer democratic processes (we support an effective ban on developer and corporate political donations)
  • Strengthen citizen’s rights (people, not just big business, deserve a say in legal processes that affect us all)
  • Transition to clean energy (the law continues to be a powerful tool to help Queensland move away from Adani and fossil fuels)
  • Provide better access to justice for communities (help expand badly needed free legal services for all)

Please, will you make a donation to EDO Qld today to help balance the scales between well-resourced corporate interests and the community’s underfunded legal voice?

Remember, EDO Qld is in a unique position to help. We are experts at the forefront of environmental and planning law who have spent the past 30 years providing an essential and free basic frontline service for communities across the State.

Without us, communities cannot afford the lawyers they need to stand up to a rapacious industry.

Are you ready to stand-up with us? Make your donation here

Warm regards,

Jo-Anne Bragg
CEO, Solicitor
Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc

PS. Queensland - now is the time to level the playing field and put the Reef, healthy communities and our precious natural areas first. Fight for a fairer, cleaner future - make a donation to EDO Qld today.

Environmental Defenders Office Queensland (EDO Qld) gives a strong legal voice to the environment when needed most.

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