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Saving koalas starts with saving their habitat - now

05 April, 2019

Only urgent action will save our iconic koalas. We need an immediate moratorium on koala habitat destruction around Queensland.

Koalas are going extinct, and it’s happening right now on our watch.

The Koala Expert Panel has advised urgent action is needed to stop the habitat destruction that has caused numbers of the vulnerable species to plummet – fracturing populations and exposing them to disease, starvation, car strikes and dog attacks.

We will lose the battle to prevent koalas from going extinct unless we take urgent and comprehensive action to halt this crisis.  

EDO Qld lawyers have developed a plan alongside key conservation groups including WWF, The Wilderness Society and Queensland Conservation Council, and have presented it to the Queensland Government.

This detailed plan calls for an immediate moratorium on development and tree clearing in  koala habitats across Queensland.

Our plan details how the moratorium would be in new legislation and stay in place until our laws are strengthened to properly protect koala  habitat across the state.

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Our koalas are in danger.

We need an urgent moratorium in law on all clearing of koala habitat across Queensland until the law is changed to better protect our iconic koala populations.

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The Koala Conservation Strategy – a key opportunity but action needed now

It has been 18 months since the Queensland Koala Expert Panel delivered its final report recommending urgent action to reverse these declines in South-East Queensland and secure the long-term survival of the species.

The recommendations are now one and a half years old, with no urgent interventions having been taken by the government.

The Koala Conservation Strategy currently being developed for South-East Queensland, set to be released in May 2019, offers a vital opportunity to take decisive action to reverse the decline of koalas in the region.

However, this is just one more plan to take action when our koalas need actual, concrete action now.

Further, the strategy will only address koala protections in South-East Queensland, when the majority of habitat loss and koala deaths occur outside of the South-East Queensland region due to loopholes and exemptions that allow clearing of koala habitat with little to no oversight.

That’s why a moratorium in legislation on habitat clearing, followed by state-wide koala strategy is crucial for the preservation of the species.

At a minimum, the Koala Conservation Strategy must contain specific commitments to amend state development laws to implement the recommendations of the Koala Expert Panel on protecting koala habitat. We have presented these needed actions to the government in a joint letter with other key environment groups on 21 February 2019 – see attached here.

We cannot sit by and watch koalas go extinct. Until these recommendations are implemented we need an immediate moratorium in legislation to ensure no more habitat is lost to tree clearing and development.

Please show your support for our request for an urgent moratorium to protect koala habitat from being cleared by signing our petition. Koalas cannot wait any longer – they need protection now.

Koalas are going extinct, and it’s happening on our watch. This cannot be allowed to continue.

We call on the Queensland Government to immediately place a legislative moratorium on all tree clearing and development in koala habitat until the key recommendations of the Koala Expert Panel are fully and effectively implemented across the state.

The future of a species is at stake – EDO Qld lawyers have drawn up a feasible plan for legislative change - we need strong, deliberate action and we need it now.

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