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Mining companies have nothing to fear from the scrutiny of the courts

11 August, 2015

In an op-ed for ABC, EDO Qld CEO Jo-Anne Bragg writes why mining companies should not fear proper judicial scrutiny ...

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The Australian coal industry is clearly suffering, with thousands of jobs lost from existing mines due to the low coal price and the world moving away from coal towards renewables.

Rather than face these realities, the mining industry, and now even the Federal Environment Minister, are hitting back, bizarrely asserting that a major problem is environmentalists running court cases allegedly designed to delay or obstruct mining projects.

It's bizarre, because they have no evidence to show that this is correct.

These shrill assertions of frivolous and vexatious litigants holding up major resource projects, seen again last week after the Federal Court revoked the Carmichael mine's approval, are spurious.

The claims have been rejected by the Productivity Commission and the Queensland Land Court itself which in 2014 told a Queensland parliamentary committee: "In the court's experience, there have not really been a lot of stalling tactics. If there is, it generally comes from both sides. It is not just landowners or objectors who generally are not ready to proceed; it is also often the mining companies that are not ready".

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