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It’s time for the Sunshine State to cash in on our natural renewable energy resources

01 August, 2017

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5,000 needed

What is it going to take for our governments and decision-makers to cash in on the growth in renewable energy from our abundant, clean and free sunshine and wind? ...Our voices, for one.

Politicians and decision-makers of our SUNSHINE STATE, we urge you to:

  • Make the Queensland target for 50% renewable energy law by 2030;
  • Support large-scale clean energy projects across our state and renewables technology, for better energy security;
  • Help people who work in affected industries and their communities prepare for jobs for the future;
  • Provide a plan to help workers and communities prepare for when  Queensland’s coal and gas fired power stations close.

With coal use declining globally, renewables have powered continued economic growth and become the most affordable energy source in 2016.

Renewables generate twice the number of jobs of fossil fuels. In fact, did you know strong renewable policies in Queensland could unlock 90,000 jobs by 2030?

Clean renewable energy is not only environmentally responsible, but, with battery storage can improve our energy reliability and security, and reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

So why are fossil fuels still receiving twice the subsidies of renewables? We need government action NOW to level the playing field and equalise subsidies to allow renewables to compete fairly in the market.

The renewables industry needs the stability and consistency of supportive laws to thrive – for more rural and regional jobs and a fair price for solar.

We need to cut red tape which unnecessarily prevents solar on private properties and we need to intensify investment in storage and renewable technology.

Stand with us and together let’s tell the pollies it’s time to make the positive switch to renewables today. We’ve got enough sunshine and voices to make it happen!



Alisha 2019-06-16 23:35:55 +1000

“Stop Adani!lets all go up there and stand in there way and tell the Queensland Premiere to stop the project..just like people power stopped the Franklin River Dam in Tasmania”

Annie 2019-06-16 07:48:39 +1000


Marcia 2019-06-15 08:42:45 +1000

“When you see your 11 year old in pain for this planet, you feel her pain. My daughter said to me “Will you protect this planet the way you protect me? My heart hurts Mum. It’s hurting really bad” so now I need to protect my daughter, by protecting her planet. This is her heart and mine too.”

Ana 2019-06-14 11:04:37 +1000


Marilyn 2019-06-14 04:53:08 +1000


Tim 2019-06-13 22:11:58 +1000


Lauren 2019-06-13 07:37:01 +1000


John 2019-06-13 07:09:46 +1000


Kira 2019-06-12 21:58:25 +1000


Jas 2019-06-12 20:16:09 +1000

“Although I don’t live in Queensland, I have close family there and the places I have visited eg the Daintree, means that I am very concerned about the people, the wildlife and the environment in this beautiful state. Also what happens in Qld is not localised; coal mines for example affect the local area, other states, and ultimately the planet.”

Tess 2019-06-01 09:38:27 +1000

“As a resident of Newcastle I do not understand why the Labor party and Unions and coal mine owners in Newcastle coal mining are not objecting to Adani on the basis of unfair competition (using govt funds to develop the Adani resources to the detriment of existing Hunter Valley coal markets?”

Andrew 2019-05-31 16:05:13 +1000


Adam 2019-05-26 19:32:06 +1000


Inge 2019-05-26 12:15:40 +1000


Hilary 2019-05-25 09:20:44 +1000


Govinda 2019-05-20 20:51:56 +1000

“Dear Sir/Madam

I am a graduate Environmental Engineer, who has recently moved to Brisbane and would love to get involved with Environmental Defenders. I am currently unemployed and wish to help out volunteering right now and to be considered for future paid positions should them open up.
I have professional experience in a different range of project types, including:
 My work experience at City of Stirling, in Perth, where I gained knowledge of the Waste Management procedures in Australia, business communication and problem solving skills.
 My work experience at Ernst and Young, when I worked at a big project in the Process and Controls area, manipulating big data and writing reports for a big private Health Insurance company.
 My Communication skills, confidence, logical thinking and analytical mind, gained from a few different customer services and hospitality past professional experiences.
 My 5 years’ degree in Engineering, in which I had the chance to obtain and improve project Management skills, through a number of volunteer work and internships.
 My Masters in Sustainability where I improved my ability to plan and balance environment and social outcome. I am a very proactive and driven person, with a full open driver’s license for manual vehicles.

Yours sincerely,

Jady Lopes”

Jady 2019-05-20 10:54:37 +1000

“In light of the very recent federal election outcome, I am keen to explore ways we can mitigate further damage to the environment through positive action not least those listed here.”

Kathleen 2019-05-19 11:50:32 +1000


jess 2019-05-19 11:06:04 +1000

“I’m wondering why the Queensland Government can’t provide sufficient funding for the EDO to defend Queensland’s precious ecosystems and species.”

Janet 2019-05-19 02:32:58 +1000


Angela 2019-05-06 09:21:47 +1000


Tamara 2019-04-26 18:50:00 +1000

“Please upskill workers for a renewable future.

Say no to environmental destroyers like Adani.”

Kahli 2019-04-11 01:54:41 +1000


Cate 2019-04-09 00:18:34 +1000


Tamara 2019-04-05 23:01:35 +1000


Alison 2019-03-16 18:25:06 +1000


Janet 2019-03-15 19:18:10 +1000

“I support the focus of Qld energy supplies, employment and growth to be renewables, and no more coal.”

ruth 2019-03-09 11:56:47 +1000

“Stop coal mining and implement more clean energy infrastructure at this pivotal time for the environment.

Robyne 2019-02-26 05:59:09 +1000


Coral 2019-02-24 16:06:41 +1000