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Government to introduce new ‘Common Resources Act’ for mining, gas & petroleum resources

20 January, 2014

The Queensland Government is planning significant changes to mining and coal seam gas laws in Queensland. The aim is to introduce a new ‘common resources act’ for the allocation of mining and gas deposits. 

The new act (and regulations) will determine, amongst other things, how permits are allocated and the procedure for land access.

Whilst the framework for the new act is still in the very early discussion stages, EDO Qld and EDO NQ have made a submission on a recently released discussion paper highlighting that the new act must contain the most crucial criteria for decision making and rights of appeal and access to information for the public.

Decision making under the act (not the regulations) must be transparent and in accordance with fundamental legislative principles at all times.

EDO Qld and EDO NQ believe that the objects, operation (and title) of the act must reflect the fact that these are all Queensland’s resources and extraction and exploration can only occur insofar as it is in keeping with the principles of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and consistent with the prevailing public interest in Queensland.

Read our final submission here.

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