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Coming soon - New editions of EDO Qld's community handbooks

17 October, 2018

At the request of our members and clients, we have been tirelessly working to update our community legal handbooks to reflect legislative changes in planning law and mining, infrastructure and coal seam gas laws and are excited to announce both will be available shortly for purchase.

As part of its community legal education program, EDO Qld produces two essential handbooks to help you understand and access your legal rights.

The two handbooks are written by qualified solicitors and use legislation, case law examples and graphic aids to aid community participation in assessment processes and litigation.

Community Litigants Handbook - 5th edition

The Community Litigants Handbook is a user friendly, plain language practical guide to helping you start a matter in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court.


  • When and how to commence a court action
  • The costs and risks of litigation
  • How to prepare and file court documents
  • How to prepare your case and increase your chances of success
  • How to present evidence and appear in court

The 5th edition will include information on the introduction of the new Planning Act (2016) in Queensland.

Mining and Coal Seam Gas Laws in Queensland - 2nd edition

The Mining Handbook is a comprehensive guide to laws relating to mining and coal seam gas in Queensland.

The Handbook explains the assessment processes and advises how a person or group concerned about a proposed mining or gas proposal can lawfully exercise their rights in relation to the assessment process, access to information, compliance, appeals or objections and enforcement. The Handbook assists the community to understand how much of their own time, effort and cost might be needed in exercising their rights.

Please email us if you would like to be contacted when the new editions are available. Email us at edoqld@edoqld.org.au