Ecotourism in national parks – A bad development?

28 March, 2019

Plans to encourage ecotourism in the state’s national parks have provoked alarm among the community, and concerns it could lead to inappropriate development that may jeopardise our most precious natural areas.

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Nature & the Reef

More bat wins using Queensland law

03 November, 2012

You might ask, what is it about bats that they have featured in so many court battles? Environmentalists have brought at least six cases to protect bats. Perhaps lawyers have a secret fondness for them given the bat-like appearance of barristers in flappy black court regalia?

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Access to Justice

Radical change proposed to costs laws in Planning and Environment Court

03 October, 2012

The Sustainable Planning and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 (Bill), which was introduced to Parliament on 13 September 2012, proposes significant amendments to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 with major implications for the community’s access to the Planning and Environment Court, the process for development assessment and regional planning, among other issues.

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