Ecotourism in national parks – A bad development?

28 March, 2019

Plans to encourage ecotourism in the state’s national parks have provoked alarm among the community, and concerns it could lead to inappropriate development that may jeopardise our most precious natural areas.

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Energy & Climate

Friends of the Earth Wandoan coal mine objection (“Xstrata case”)

27 March, 2012

EDO Qld represented The Friends of the Earth – Brisbane Co-Op Ltd (FoE) in their objection to the Mining Lease (ML) and Environmental Authority (EA) for the Wandoan Coal Project, a major open-cut coal mine proposed to operate for 35 years in the Surat Basin of Queensland. FoE argued for the outright refusal of the mine due to its contribution to climate change and ocean acidification once the coal from the mine was burnt.

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Nature & the Reef

Strategic Assessment – Great Barrier Reef

17 February, 2012

In response to the World Heritage Committee’s concerns about the development of LNG facilities on Curtis Island, near Gladstone, the Australian Government, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Queensland Government are undertaking a ‘strategic assessment’ of the Great Barrier Reef.

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