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Access to Justice

EDO Qld lawyers celebrate 25 years of success

31 August, 2017

EDO Qld has spent the past 25 years standing up for the environment on behalf of communities - take a look at some of our greatest achievements and find out how you can help make a difference to our sustainable future.

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Healthy Communities

New Acland coal mine expansion rejected

07 June, 2017
EDO Qld represented more than 60 farmers and residents of the Oakey Coal Action Alliance in one of the largest environmental cases in Australian history - and won. “By recommending against the Acland Stage 3 mine the Land Court has recognised that the impact on our water supplies, our farm businesses and the health of our families are too severe,” OCAA President Paul King said. Keep reading >
Access to Justice

Queenslanders’ rights to object to mining projects restored

26 May, 2016
After months of hard work with government, communities and groups, EDO Qld helped the State Government deliver an election promise to restore landholder and community objection rights to mines on major projects on 17 July 2015. These rights are vital to the public interest where the costs and benefits of major projects are scrutinised by the people in an independent court of law. Keep reading >
Access to Justice

Free advice line helps thousands across State

30 November, 2014
Over the past 25 years, EDO Qld has provided free legal support to communities via our FREE advice line. Landholders, individuals and community groups now better understand and act on their legal rights, which means we are better protected against the impacts of major coal mines and massive coastal developments. Keep reading >
Access to Justice

LawJams: Empowering thousands every year

30 November, 2014
EDO Qld bridges the divide of  imbalance between developers and citizens when it comes to accessing the law. We present workshops and talks to thousands of Queenslanders every year about how to influence and challenge environmentally damaging development decisions, empowering communities to use the law to have their voice heard. Keep reading >
Energy & Climate

Stricter groundwater conditions: Alpha coal mine

08 April, 2014
EDO Qld represented Coast and Country Association Qld (CCAQ) in their objection to the Alpha coal project. The Land Court of Queensland heard the objections to the mine in 2013 and upheld concerns regarding groundwater impacts of the mine recommending that the applications for the mine be refused or, alternatively, that the applications be granted subject to further assessment of the groundwater impacts. Keep reading >
Access to Justice

The community’s Mining and Coal Seam Gas Handbook

26 August, 2013
To help everyone understand the relevant laws, EDO QLD created  handbook Mining and Coal Seam Gas Law in Queensland in X.  Geoff Penton, CEO, Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, says in the handbook’s forward, “Many people cannot afford private legal advice. This guide fills a much needed gap by providing reliable legal material on Queensland mining projects and how they affect existing communities, industries and the natural environment.” Keep reading >
Nature & the Reef

Saving Lot 402, Bribie Island

30 November, 2012
A beautiful mosaic of eucalypt, tea-tree and banksia forest, paperbark wetland and wallum heath on Bribie Island once classified as Lot 402 is now national park. It would have been paved over by now if it weren’t for environmentalists prepared to fight for it in court, assisted by advice from EDO Qld. Keep reading >