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Saving the Condamine from a feedlot

30 November, 2012

The disastrous Queensland floods of 2011 turned a proposed feedlot site on the Condamine River floodplain in southern Queensland into a lake. If a group of local landholders, assisted with advice from EDO Qld, had not stopped the development by challenging it in court, large volumes of toxic, high-nutrient wastes would have contaminated the river and nearby wetlands. 

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Access to Justice

The precautionary principal

15 November, 2012

The precautionary principle is one of the most important foundations of ecologically sustainable development. It is a commonsense principle requiring that a lack of scientific certainty should not be used to postpone measures to prevent serious or irreversible harm to the environment.

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Nature & the Reef

More bat wins using Queensland law

03 November, 2012

You might ask, what is it about bats that they have featured in so many court battles? Environmentalists have brought at least six cases to protect bats. Perhaps lawyers have a secret fondness for them given the bat-like appearance of barristers in flappy black court regalia?

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