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EDO LawJam: Cleaning up after the miners - Are you ok with footing the bill?

22 August, 2016

Key points and speaker presentations from last week's LawJam.

The key points identified by our three speakers were:

  1. Ensure experienced, independent environmental departmental officers are employed by the Department and enlisted to assist with environmental management of abandoned mine sites;
  2. Independent assessment of what bonds should be;
  3. Provide high, strict standards for rehabilitation companies should have working towards;
  4. Invest more money into research for solutions;
  5. Change the planning system so that miners are forced to plan for closure from the point of application, and that the miners can be held to implement their plans;
  6. Cash bonds are required by the government up front, can be over first 1-5 years of operation if need be - use interest to fund rehabilitation of abandoned mines;
  7. Require progressive rehab, with strict standards that are enforceable if they are not achieved – ensure this is quantified percentage of disturbance area each year;
  8. Work to engage the public so that they are informed of the issue;
  9. Put systems in place to avoid regulatory capture by the industry.

A massive thank you to our fantastic speakers:

cleanup tim

Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies (Australasia), Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Tim's presentation

cleanup rick

Rick Humphries, Mine Rehabilitation Reform Campaign Coordinator, Lock the Gate

Rick's presentation

cleanup peter

Dr Peter Erskine, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, Sustainable Minerals Institute, UQ

Peter's presentation

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