Energy & Climate

Land Court delivers Adani Carmichael coal mine recommendation

15 December, 2015

Impacts of the mine on the region’s water systems, endangered ecosystems and species including the Black-throated Finch, and on climate and the Great Barrier Reef through the burning of huge quantities of coal was exposed.

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Energy & Climate

Kevin's Corner hearing starts

19 October, 2015
EDO Qld is representing conservation group Coast and Country, who, alongside other parties, will today begin a two-week hearing to raise two key concerns about GVK Hancock’s proposed Kevin's Corner mining project. Keep reading >
Access to Justice

Citizens have right to use law to protect environment

07 August, 2015
Today it’s the Yakka skink, but tomorrow it might be the koala or the Great Barrier Reef – no matter what vulnerable species small or national treasure great, the people of Australia have a right to use the law to protect the country’s environment, economy and future says EDO Qld CEO & Solicitor Jo-Anne Bragg. Keep reading >
Energy & Climate

Land Court delivers Alpha coal judgment

08 April, 2014
The Queensland Land Court has today recommended that the Queensland Government either reject the Alpha Coal project or approve the project subject to stricter groundwater conditions. The Court was unable to say on the evidence just how far interference with groundwater would extend, so took a precautionary approach to protect landholders. Keep reading >