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Qld Gov: Investigate if Adani has broken the law

12 September, 2018

Tell the Queensland Government you want an urgent and thorough investigation into Adani's potential law breach.

To the Queensland government,

I have just seen the images that show Adani has potentially breached the law and started work on dewatering bores before there’s a plan in place to protect the Doongmabulla springs (you can see the legal brief here).

Queensland is the custodian of some of the richest biodiversity on earth, from the Reef to ancient freshwater springs. We must protect it.

Yet Queensland has a history of being ineffective in its monitoring and enforcement of environmental conditions and exposing the State to unnecessary harm.

It’s only fair in our democracy that big resource companies are just as accountable for breaking the law as you or I.

Our environmental laws are useless if not enforced.

Recent media reports in relation to Adani - and other mines, including at Acland - show the need for environmental laws to be enforced. 

We urge you to:

  • Fully investigate Adani’s potential breaches;
  • Prove you have done an independent audit of environmental compliance by all the coal mines given the history and what is at risk;
  • Stand up for the law and environmental protection; and
  • Effectively enforce all environmental laws including against Adani, New Acland and other big mining companies.

We all passionately agree that our precious reef, our nature, our ancient springs deserve protection.

And that we all have the right to live in a healthy community safe from the impacts of polluting development.

Please take action and see the law is enforced.

Yours sincerely,


Jo Bragg

CEO Solicitor, EDO Qld