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Queensland fails to pass land clearing Bill

19 August, 2016

The Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 failed to pass Queensland Parliament last night.

EDO Qld, and other organisations such as The Wilderness Society, will continue to work hard to protect our climate, the Great Barrier Reef, and Queensland wildlife and ecosystems from uncontrolled broadscale land clearing.

Thank you again to all of our supporters that fought for the Bill to be passed. All your hard work was not in vain, you have let our political representatives know that you expect them to take the strong action necessary to protect our environment from the myriad of impacts from land clearing; and it’s not over yet…

What you can do now!

Contact MPs

Contact the MPs that supported the Bill to congratulate them, or to express your disappointment if they didn’t support the Bill, particularly your local MP.

The final vote was 44 to 42. The LNP, Katters, and Billy Gordon voted against. Labor and Rob Pyne voted for (Wellington, as Speaker, didn’t end up having to vote).

For a comprehensive list of MPs, including contact details, click here.

Have your say

Have your say on the self-assessable code for managing fodder harvesting, before 12 Sept, and continue to be engaged in the review of these codes!

A draft fodder harvesting code has been developed to ensure landholders can continue to undertake fodder harvesting on their property in a way that protects our regional ecosystems and aligns with the latest scientific information. The Queensland Government is reviewing the self-assessable code for managing fodder harvesting. Have your say on several aspects of the draft fodder harvesting code before it is finalised. Submissions close at 5pm on 12 September 2016.

To get involved, click here.

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned for the public consultation on the State planning instruments, including the State Planning Policy, State Development Assessment Provisions, Planning Regulation and SEQ Regional Plan – which all have the power to improve protections of our vegetation!

These planning instruments will be open for public consultation from October 2016 – keep an eye on EDO Qld’s website and social media for further information as these instruments can have the power to impact on the development and land clearing we allow in Queensland.

Keep talking about the need to strengthen vegetation clearing laws

Labor have promised to try once again to strengthen the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (Qld) the next time they are in power. It’s important to continue to express your support for strengthened vegetation clearing regulations and why this is necessary to all political parties, your neighbours, your friends and family, and especially those landholders who were against the Bill. There is a lot of misinformation out there; it’s up to all of us to spread the science to help us all understand better why it is so important that we have strong vegetation management laws, for the future of our planet.

Together, let’s take a deep breath and continue to stand up  for our threatened species, sustainable agriculture, our climate, our Reef, and our children’s future.


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