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Help Stop the Mount Coot-tha Zipline

09 January, 2019

Want to protect Mount Coot-tha from the Brisbane City Council's zipline development?

Sign the letter calling on the state government to rule out approving the Mount Coot-tha zipline!
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The Brisbane City Council’s plans to develop a series of ziplines in Brisbane’s heritage-listed Mount Coot-tha have attracted huge controversy and a backlash from community members.

The plan includes a 1.5km Treetop Canopy Tour zipline, a separate 6-cable Scenic Zipline, and a 349m skywalk, with native wildlife habitat removed or pruned to make way for the project.

The community has expressed major concerns that the project will effectively privatise large chunks of Mount Coot-tha and cause major disruptions to both the general public and native wildlife, including species like the koala and the powerful owl. 

EDO Qld community legal centre has been representing the Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance in their efforts to stop the zipline.

Their objections have been set out in a letter to the state Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Dr Anthony Lynham, who is the ultimate decision-maker on whether the Brisbane City Council can proceed with their project in the Mount Coot-tha parkland, which was set aside in 1933 “as a site for a public park and for no other purpose whatsoever”. You can find out more about that key issue here.

Sign the letter

The Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance invites you to sign on to the letter below. You can add your support using the tool on this page.

Dear Minister Lynham,

We believe the Mt Coot-tha parkland should be open to all, free of charge, for low-key recreation such as bushwalking and peacefully enjoying the historic views of Brisbane.

This is the purpose for which the Mt Coot-tha parkland was created, when it was granted to Brisbane City Council on trust as “a public park and for no other purpose whatsoever”. 

You have the power to prevent activities that would diminish that public park purpose.

The proposed Zip-line development is for an intensive, commercial, tourist activity that would diminish the public park purpose of Mt Coot-tha by, among other things:

  1. Encroaching on the heritage views of Brisbane City with noisy and distracting zip-lines that are brightly lit at night;
  2. Increasing traffic and visitor numbers for the commercial zipline activities, diminishing the vehicular access for the general public;
  3. Clearing large areas of bushland causing visual scarring and presenting movement barriers to wildlife;
  4. Creating noisy ziplines and increased traffic that will diminish the quiet amenity of the parkland for bushwalks, picnics and enjoying heritage views; and
  5. Building infrastructure that will exclude areas of the park from bushwalkers and casual recreation to create areas that will only be open to those that can pay commercial fees.

We do not support this intrusion into the Mt Coot-tha parkland and believe it is for the commercial interests of the proponent, contrary to the public interest of maintaining the quiet amenity of the parkland, open to all free of charge.

Your government has already ruled ziplines as inappropriate for national parks,1 it is time to rule out any zipline for Brisbane’s most iconic public park.


1. Queensland Ecotourism Investment Opportunities, Implementation Framework, Ecotourism Facilities on National Parks, available at https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/tourism/pdf/ecofacilities-framework.pdf

“Black-breasted Button-quail male Inskip” is by Aviceda, available under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Black-breasted_Button-quail_male_inskip.JPG. Cropped from original.

“Powerful Owl” is by Greg Sharkey, available under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PowerfulOwl.jpg. Cropped from original.

The people of Brisbane want to see Mount Coot-tha protected for future generations.

Minister Lynham — Please accept our letter and rule out changes that would allow the Brisbane City Council's zipline within the Mount Coot-tha parkland area.

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