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Stradbroke mining: Sibelco gained more than it lost

11 October, 2011

Have you heard the details on the Stradbroke mining phase out? Find out more below from well-known Brisbane Solicitor Richard Carew.

"Mining company Sibelco was a true beneficiary of the special legislation. It gained much more than it lost. The special legislation passed by the Queensland Parliament in April renewed key expired mining leases. The renewal of one in particular, until 2020, was crucial to mining continuing at the Island’s largest mine, Enterprise.

"The real significance of Queensland’s special legislation in favour of Sibelco is the trashing of the rule of law. Renewing expired leases in one place by a special Act without judicial review, rather than applying the law of the land involves clear breaches of two fundamental tenets of the rule of law, as described by Sir Ninian Stephen:

“The first of the four principles is that government should be under law, that the law should apply to and be observed by government and its agencies, those given power in the community, just as it applies to the ordinary citizen; the fourth is that the law of the land, which rules us, should be certain, general and equal in its operation.”



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