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Q&A with Jo Bragg, EDO Qld CEO & Solicitor – and swimathon participant-in-training!

18 November, 2016

Still wondering what Swim For The Reef is all about? Sit back and enjoy the following Q&A with our CEO/Solicitor – and swimathon participant-in-training – Jo-Anne Bragg

Still wondering what Swim For The Reef is all about? Sit back and enjoy the following Q&A with our CEO/Solicitor – and swimathon participant-in-training – Jo-Anne Bragg

Why are you hosting a swimathon for the Reef?

We love the Great Barrier Reef and we want to see the Reef and all the marine creatures protected. Plus we want to see clean, green long-term jobs in tourism and fishing.

As your lawyers for the environment, we are raising money to fight for laws that value nature and include meaningful community rights. We also want to run more court cases to protect the Reef from some of its greatest threats including dumping of dredge spoil and bad developments. Plus, it’s all tax deductible!

Why is EDO Qld’s work with the Reef important?

This year it has been heartbreaking to see the disastrous state of our beloved Reef suffering at the hands of devastating coral bleaching at the hands of climate change. The Reef is also under serious threat from excessive development, poor water quality from agricultural run-off and crown of thorn starfish . We have seen the importance of EDO lawyers when they ran court cases for conservation groups successfully challenging proposed dredge spoil dumping in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Usually community groups can’t afford lawyers, so non-profit lawyers are so important for Reef protection.

How will the money raised be used?

All funds raised will go directly to the work of EDO Qld, your lawyers for the environment who are driven by a passion for justice and a love of nature.

At EDO Qld, we’re good at making a dollar stretch. In the past, money raised for the Reef has helped us legally represent three conservation groups in separate court cases. These cases contributed to the historic new ban on dumping dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

EDO Qld also voices your concerns to government and provides valuable legal input to documents including the Reef 2050 Plan and the WWF annual report to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Tell us about the swimathon?

Swim for the Reef is a team event and you can form a team and pick a groovy name, like the Whale Riders or Deadly Dolphins or any Reef inspired name you like. Or just register yourself and we will find you a team. Then start fundraising! …On 21 January your team will then swim for the Reef.

What can people expect if they participate?

Plenty of fun, especially if you think up a good Reef inspired costume. Your team will need to work out how to plan the swimming. So for example maybe you swim for half-an-hour then your team member hits the water and you recline with some watermelon.

Why should people participate?

You can have fun, be creative and physically active and help raise money protect the Great Barrier Reef at the same time. Participation says that you love the Reef and are prepared to do something about it. Putting your body into action to protect the Reef.

Environmental Defenders Office Queensland (EDO Qld) gives a strong legal voice to the environment when needed most.

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