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Climate Law Update 2018

28 September, 2018

Judges make decisions on the evidence before them - but Parliament may change the rules and bring in new climate laws. At this recent EDO Qld event, prominent jurists looked at Climate Law now, and into the future.

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Spotlight on prosecutions of Linc Energy

27 September, 2018

In September 2018, the High Court dismissed an application to hear the Linc Energy case made by the Queensland government. That means the Court of Appeal decision stands - so it’s possible for company liquidators in Queensland to disclaim future environmental responsibilities and for remediation costs to fall back on the State.

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Have your say: QGC Surat Gas EPBC referral

05 September, 2018

QGC Pty Ltd (QGC) has proposed the next phase of its gas production near Wandoan. The EPBC referral seeks to extend the initial project from 400 to 1200 wells, in the same referral project area. Submissions close 7 September. Here's how to make a submission:

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