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The drain on Acland farmers

31 July, 2018

It’s not just impacts to groundwater that are unclear in the Oakey Coal Action Alliance (OCAA) cases - it’s also who has the power to hear and assess potential impacts to groundwater. Find out how Associated Water Licences (AWLs) have thrown a spanner into the legal mix.

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EDO Qld LawAlert: 30 April 2018

30 April, 2018

Find out more about the tree clearing Bill; loopholes in the financial provisioning Bill; EDO Solicitor Revel Pointon takes out the top young environmental lawyer award; and read about a key decision relating to Gold Coast City Council and Boral Industries Pty Ltd. There's also a guide to help you prepare a good submission under the EPBC Act.

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EDO Qld LawAlert: April 2018

13 April, 2018

Your EDO Qld lawyers have prepared summary on Linc Energy, recently found guilty of causing serious environmental harm. We have also been busy presenting to Parliamentary Committees on key environmental issues, including changes to the veg management laws, laws seeking to eliminate corruption in local and State governments, as well as laws ensuring mining land is safely rehabilitated.

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