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EDO looks back on its volunteers: Verity Smith

19 October, 2018

EDO Queensland is turning 30 in 2019! Our volunteer profile series celebrates 30 years of volunteers, who are integral to the work we do.

This month we profile Verity Smith, one of our advice line superstars who helps field inquiries from the public every week.

What is your background?

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and then moved to Brisbane for university. I completed a Bachelors of Commerce / Laws (Hons) at the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at College of Law, and was admitted earlier this year (thanks to Juanita Williams of EDO Qld for moving my admission). With respect to work, I've been working in personal injury law for a little over three years.

Why did you come to volunteer at EDO Qld? 

There are many reasons why I came to volunteer at EDO Qld. I've always been passionate about the environment and its protection, I really enjoy planning and environmental law, I'm a huge fan of the powerful work that EDO Qld has done and continues to do, and volunteering generally is an important aspect of life.

What do you do here, and what do you enjoy about it?

I volunteer with EDO Qld's Advice Line, which mostly involves researching and drafting advice in response to enquiries. I enjoy that I get to research a wide range of issues (I'm always learning) and I enjoy being able to provide assistance in whatever small way I can.

What was most surprising to you about EDO Qld?

The most surprising thing to me about EDO Qld was just how much work it does! EDO Qld helps so many people in so many different ways despite it being a relatively small community legal centre. I have been quite astounded by the amount of work that goes into every piece of assistance and advice, and by the dedication and time that goes into providing education and support. Despite having limited resources, EDO Qld really goes the extra mile.

What’s a memorable experience you’ve had in Queensland’s natural environment? Why was it so memorable?

Growing up on the serene Sunshine Coast, I have had many memorable experiences in Queensland's natural environment. Climbing mountains and exploring forests are definitely ranked highly in my books, but hitting the beach would have to be my favourite and most repeated experience. Nothing beats that moment when you first put your head under water and your whole body is invigorated!

Volunteering for EDO Qld offers you the opportunity to gain experience in public interest environmental law, while supporting the work of EDO. Interested in volunteering? Head here for more information

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